Zerine Tata 

Zerine Tata 

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Zerine Tata was born in Shanghai in 1944 and inherited her sense of social justice and “giving back”, not only from her parents, but also from her grandparents.

She has lived in Hong Kong and Luxembourg but has spent most of her life in England.

A staunch feminist and advocate of feminist issues, Zerine is somewhat frustrated that we still use the title “Mrs” and take our husband’s name!   Campaigning on local and international issues, takes up a lot of her time, and she has had a fair amount of success.  Amongst her other charitable works, she has also been a Samaritan and an Advocate for the Disabled and is now very involved with homeless rough sleepers.  Zerine does a lot of work within her local community, for which she was presented with the Brent Citizenship Award.

She says she gets so much satisfaction from what she does, and it gives her a real buzz and if others benefit, that’s a bonus!