Zarina Unitt

Zarina Unitt

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After graduating from Chelsea School of Human Movement in P.E, Dance & Education I taught in a variety of Primary & Secondary Schools developing Dance & the Performing Arts. I examined for AQA Exam Board in GCSE & A’Level Dance. I became partnership lead in performing arts in 2012 working with communities to raise the profile of dance and bring together young people in a variety of performance projects. I have worked for Sport England on a 4-year project to get more girls & women from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate in sport. I have worked with the artistic director of Impact Dance (Hakeem Onibudo) in promoting Street Dance to encourage young people to get off the streets and into street dance. We created A DVD which was widely used in schools as a teaching resource. I now work with my daughter who is a professional dancer leading dance & fitness workshops in primary schools, teaching about environmental issues through the medium of dance.

I am a life-long vegetarian and huge nature lover who enjoys travelling the world and supporting sustainable tourism. My passion now is writing, and I have several novels I am working on as well as my memoir and hope one day to be a published author.

I am of mixed English & Zoroastrian heritage, and am the daughter of Keki R Sidhwa, an eminent Parsi Naturopath & Osteopath who raised his family in the UK. I’m very proud of my mixed Parsi heritage and have drawn on the richness of the Parsi faith in my most recent novel. I live in Nottinghamshire.