Yoshita Dave

Yoshita Dave

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Ms Yoshita Dave is the founder of Meheryash Counseling Consultancy in Mumbai, India. She has over 28 years of work experience as a Counseling Psychologist, Sex Educator and Intimacy Coach, CBT & REBT Practitioner, Life skills Coach, LGBTQI+ friendly therapist, Mentor and Corporate Trainer in soft skills. She practices at her clinics in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. She is also empanelled with Gizmoswala, a sexual wellness online store in Mumbai, as a sexual wellness expert and brand representative for two years. 

She is particularly proud of her contributions during the pandemic. She has helped kids cope with exam anxiety, stress, and social anxiety. In addition, she has helped around 200 couples and saved 90% of them from going in for divorce. 

She was a speaker at the 30th International Sexology Conference. She is a pioneer in conducting online webinars for women by women regarding psychosexual well-being and other related aspects. She has written articles and given interviews on mental health for Jam-e-Jamshed, Tweakindia and Mint Lounge online.

She is a strong advocate for mental health, well-being and eradicating the stigma surrounding the same. Her dream is to reach out to people worldwide and help them with their mental wellness and psychosexual health. She also plans to write a book on her experiences regarding the psychosexual aspect of her practice.

Besides her passion for psychology and spirituality, she is a foodie, a chocolatier and a travel enthusiast.