Yasmin Charna

Yasmin Charna

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The Bai Avabai Framji Petit Girls High School and an Orphanage is an Institution with a rich tradition and a background of charity and generosity. Started in the year 1913 as an Orphanage for only Parsi girls. Today it is one of the premier Institution where all our girls  are imparted all round education,training and a discipline upbringing.

I being the Head of the Boarding section since the last 23 years belief that with GOD everything is possible.   In 1967 I enrolled as a boarder in the school, and I Graduated in 1974.  In 1999, I found myself at the crossroad with multiple opportunities, but one of the prestigious post was Head of the Boarding section at my Almamater. 

Following my faith, I selected my school, earning the support of the school”s Dynamic Trustees, Matrons, several Generous Donors, who continue to contribute generously to my wonderful students.

My day begins with faith in my heart, and I have my GOD with me and nothing can break me. Each day I pray and regenerate myself. Every task that becomes a joy and every challenge an opportunity to learn. My boarders are given special coaching in various subjects they learn in school. Besides Academics my children through me are given special coaching in Sports which includes Athletic training meet, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Karate, Gymnastics, Mallakham, Dance, Yoga, Monajat recitals,Gujarati reading and writing, Prayer classes,Kusti weaving and Spinning,Music classes, Band and Elocution & Public speaking, etc. Full-fledged Remedial department I started to benefit my children with learning disabilities and a remarkable improvement has been seen in Academics.

Hence every Avabai Petit boarder who passes through my hand is my legacy and Dinaz Tavadia who is truly educated, confident & Independant is my adopted daughter, since the last 15 years.