Vida Jahangiri

Vida Jahangiri

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Dr. Vida Jahangiri, a dedicated Hematologist-Oncologist, was born and raised in Iran. After joining medical University, she started her activities as a board director member of Zoroastrian student’s center in Tehran. She was engaged in organizing many cultural, religious, sports events, and summer camps for Zoroasterian`s students. As a head of the book committee, she organized the library in student`s center and facilitated multiple book exhibitions.

Dr. Jahangiri provided an excellent support and guidance to Zoroastrian students, volunteering in many summer camps.

After learning Din-Dabire, the original Avestan Script,she participated in Avesta`s reciting contests, Mantra. Being so proficient, she gained high ranks in many contests. Later due to her excellence, she was chosen as a Mantra`s judge.

Following her enthusiasm to teach Avesta, Dr. Jahangiri taught reciting Gatha using Din-Dabire to Zoroasterian students for years. Also, she created a unique voice recording of Gatha reciting, using her own spiritual tune.

Years later after moving to United States, she followed her studies in hematology and oncology. Currently she is working as a knowledgeable and expert physician at Kaiser medical group and has been providing professional and spiritual care and support to patients who are fighting cancer.