Veera Shroff

Veera Shroff

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Veera Shroff Sanjana is an author born bred and buttered in the vibrant city of Mumbai. As a writer she feels Mumbai has character and tales just waiting to be told in every nook, street and corner. The diversity, throb and pulse of this city can awaken the story-teller in most of us.

A graduate of English Literature from the University of Mumbai she chose to be an educator by profession, one she claims is a privilege and responsibility all endearing and enriching. 

She is also a columnist that has worked with our Parsi publications the Jame  Jamshed and presently the Parsi Times. Her columns are featured regularly and she writes on topics philosophical, spiritual, topical  and about everyday life. She is passionate about reading and writing and has also authored two books. Her first ENDURED is a collection of 46 poems .The anthology has a mix of styles, genres and is reflective as most poems are about human sentiments and circumstance. #LOVEBYTESLIFEHACKS, is her second book which is a compilation of original quotes, loosely pertaining to Love and Life, the two subjects that often beguiles confounds and quizzes even the most rationale and sensible of us. This book is a reflection of moments, situations and instances that we have all experienced from time to time, and can be classified as a hand book of sorts useful with words, expressions and quotes that can be used in any situation to a loved one or a friend.