Ushtavaity Canteenwalla 

Ushtavaity Canteenwalla 

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Ushtavaity Davar Canteenwalla is a board certified licensed genetic counselor with over 17 years of experience in clinical genetics. Empowering individuals to take control of their health by helping them understand and navigate their genetic health is her passion.

In 2018 she founded FiND Genetics, an independent telemedicine genetics consulting practice after recognizing that there is a gap in access to genetics support and information for the general population.  Her work currently ranges from providing reproductive, adult, and general genetic counseling, consulting in clinical operations to genetics companies and providers, community genetics education, and mentoring.

Her past experience ranges from running a collaborative care fetal diagnostic center at Columbia University Medical Center, working in prenatal, pediatric, and cardiac genetics, and leading a large nation-wide genetic counseling team at CooperGenomics, a genetic testing lab.

Ushta lives in the suburbs of New Jersey and is a mom to 3 young boys with whom she loves sharing her passion for cooking and baking.