Thrity Tantra

Thrity Tantra

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Thrity Tantra is well known for her quiet resilient support at work and at home.

Thrity has been an honorary Guide Group Leader for the 6th East Bombay Girl Guide Group, affiliated with Bai B S Benagalle Girls’ High school for over 50 years.  At a very young age, she completed her highest training as a Himalaya Wood Badge holder. Since then, she has volunteered innumerable hours for Girl Guiding in India. She led her Girl Guides company to achieve the All India 1st prize at Prime Minister’s Shield Competition.

An expert on Zoroastrian culture and rituals, Thrity contributes numerous articles to that aid Zoroastrians all over the world as they perform simple Zoroastrian ceremonies at home for infants. She has written in detail about complicated ceremonies and preparations for Navjotes and Weddings. She is also a foodie and loves to experiment with traditional and modern recipes and comes out with exotic delightful preparations. Taking after her grandmother,  a culinary expert, and her mother, a seamstress par excellence, she is creative at heart. She is best at arts and crafts and comes up with a variety of sewing designs.

In addition to her selfless community services, Thrity ran several successful businesses like candle making, cooking classes, art & craft classes for kids, tour groups, etc. In her current avatar, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.