Tenaz Sunavala

Tenaz Sunavala



Tenaz Sunavala was the owner of a business, then took the corporate route,
and is now an author, coach, UN Advocate, Human Rights Advocate and the
founder of Breath of Life- School of Emotional Intelligence. She grew up in
Silver Spring, Maryland, and lived in New Jersey, West Virginia, and
Pennsylvania before moving to her current hometown of Houston, Texas.
Tenaz presented at the United Nations NGO CSW65 speaking about the UN’s
17 Sustainable Development Goals with a strong focus on good health,
well-being, and gender equality. She is an active member of the United
Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA), both nationally and in its Houston
chapter. Her passions are to guide, empower, and bring spirituality back to
have a fuller, richer, contented, and more purposeful life. She is also a human
rights advocate. Tenaz first introduced ‘Healing through Storytelling’ to victim
advocates for Non profits and county and mental health professionals. Among
her countless presentations, “Digital Safety and Online Dating’ is one of her
favorite topics.

Tenaz is an Emotional Intelligence (EI) t and Mindset Coach. She conducts
individual and group workshops and presentations on Emotional Intelligence
(EI), how to build healthy mindsets. She promotes awareness and open
discussions on heart, mind, and wellness and working to remove the stigma
around mental health. She empowers today’s women to become tomorrow’s
leaders using lessons learned from her own life experiences, unwavering in
her quest to discover the spiritual and physical realities of life and how they
form our mindsets. Her book The Path to Self-Empowerment: My Meditations
with Grandma, is part of this quest and gives readers the four keys on the
path of self-empowerment.

In all of this, however, her most satisfying role is being a mother. She was a
stay-at-home mom for the first fifteen years of her two (now grown-up)
children’s lives. She currently lives in the suburbs and loves all that is nature.
Tenaz loves meditation, travel and exploring the secrets of this vast Universe.