Tannaz Minwalla

Tannaz Minwalla

Pakistan Pakistan


Tannaz Minwalla is a graphic designer based in Karachi, Pakistan.

As creative director and manager at Creative Unit – the country’s first dedicated design house – for 32 years, Tannaz helped educate people about the importance of design in their lives and businesses. 

Her innovative approach to packaging has set an industry standard. The annual reports, with corporate themes, developed by her and her team also set a professional benchmark. 

Her early involvement in book design has set new standards in Pakistan. Over 24 books have been designed by Tannaz and her team, including the Parsi cookbook Manna of the Angels.

Designing and branding for Dawn, the country’s leading English language newspaper, and its sister publications Herald, Aurora and Spider, for 38 years earned the team multiple local and international awards.

Tannaz believes that designers should use their skills to foster responsible change in society.  She has worked pro bono to develop reports, fund-raising campaigns etc for local charitable hospitals, including SIUT and LRBT; and on various community projects, including the Hamazor covers.

A firm believer in the young, Tannaz has mentored and encouraged young designers achieve their potential. She has worked with IVS – the design and architectural college – since its inception to improve the quality of design education in the country. 

While designing, she believes in being human in our over-tech world – in the importance of research, observation, and teamwork.

Today, she continues to work on select projects from her home studio and on guiding the next generation of young designers.