Sherizaan Minwalla

Sherizaan Minwalla

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Sherizaan Minwalla is an American lawyer working in the US and Iraq to respond to human rights violations. Specializing in gender-based violence, she has represented hundreds of individuals to legalize their immigration status and achieve protection in the US at the National Immigrant Justice Center, and as the Legal Director with the Tahirih Justice Center. As a Practitioner in Residence at the International Human Rights Law Clinic at the Washington College of Law, Sherizaan co-taught seminar, lawyering skills and mentored students who represented clients seeking rights under international human rights law.

In Iraq, Sherizaan has led human rights, access to justice, and rule of law programs to respond to gender-based violence, human trafficking, displacement, and conflict related sexual violence. She published on the need for international protection for women and girls who are persecuted within country borders, and conducted groundbreaking research into unethical practices by the media when reporting on conflict related sexual violence Voices of Yazidi Women,  Genocide, Rape and Careless Disregard and has consulted on the development of recently emerging ethical guidelines for professionals who engage with survivors.

Sherizaan Taboo, Pushing Boundaries with Clients to Pursue a Justice, is a consulting business focused on the rule of law and human rights.