Shereen Daver

Shereen Daver

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Shereen is the founder of 108 Ateliers, providing strategic consultancy, idea visioning and integral coaching. 

As a strategic co-creator her skills lie in developing people’s capacity to think innovatively, manifesting, acting and opening channels so business flows. The ability to navigate limitations, look at the whole, face the cracks and issues of business to let solutions emerge for this challenging world. She works from a 20-year vantage point within the Dragons Den of global advertising agencies, knowing the power of communications, media and the change at scale that can be implemented if wished for. Developing business models and strategies for some of the most prevalent organisation in the world.

Shereen is dedicated to regenerative living and the belief that we all have what we need inside, we just need the tools to unlock the patterns that keep us captive, so we can find peace and equanimity.

“This is the time to do things differently to realise business and people are part of an eco-system that has the power to regenerate and come back better.” – Shereen Daver, 108 Founder