Shehernaz Verahrami

Shehernaz Verahrami

United States US United States US


Shehernaz has been actively involved with the Zoroastrian community for over 30 years having served on the board of the Zoroastrian Association for Metropolitan Washington (ZAMWI) in various capacities, including as President for 2 terms. She has been an invited speaker at past Zoroastrian congresses and is also a past FEZANA Awards Committee Chairperson.  She has been active in fostering and promoting Zoroastrian women’s issues worldwide and was a founding member of ZWIN (Zoroastrian Women’s International Network).  

Shehernaz has a Masters degree in International Affairs and Middle East Studies and prior to joining her present position, worked at The World Bank, the United Nations Environment Programme and the United Nations Development Programme.  At present, she serves as the Assistant Dean for Graduate and international Programs at The George Washington University Law School.    

She was born in India and moved to the United States at a young age.  Her family was always active in the Zoroastrian community and Shehernaz grew up with a strong belief in community service and engagement.  She views herself as a global citizen who is committed to fostering a forward thinking inclusive approach within the Zoroastrian community worldwide, and to empowering Zoroastrian women with open dialogue and professional and personal engagement.