Shazneen Gandhi

Shazneen Gandhi

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Shazneen Gandhi is a currently working toward a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at California State University. She is converting years of volunteering in education into a new career, after having practiced law, founding two businesses, and publishing a picture book about the Zoroastrian creation myth called Hello World!

Shazneen graduated from Georgetown University Law Center at the turn of the millennium and had a commercial litigation practice in New York City and Tokyo. In 2015, she founded Shirin’s Spoon LLC, a business that created and sold organic meals primarily in the Los Angeles area. In 2018, Shirin’s Spoon exited the prepared foods market and began to do business as Sky + Road, a company that provides services to general aviation pilots. In 2018, Shazneen also published Hello World! to bring the Zoroastrian creation story to life for the students in her religion class at the Zoroastrian Association of California.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Shazneen saw her role as a school volunteer expand and she began to pursue a career in education primarily aimed at providing services in Title 1 schools in Los Angeles.