Sharmeen Zarras

Sharmeen Zarras

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Sharmeen Zarras, (maiden name Rabadi)

Is a certified Lifecoach and mentor for teenagers in her local community and schools in Essex. 

Her course helps teens with anxiety and stress, helping them recognise their strengths and abilities. She helps them build their confidence and create self awareness in a safe and comfortable environment. 

She works with local schools to provide better sport activities to help secondary school kids deal with deep anger issues through active sport. Organises mindful classes to help them concentrate better with their education.

She is a mum to her 16 year old daughter Aliza and 9 year old son Yohan. With her husband and kids she lives in Buckhurst hill Essex, England.  Originally from Kolkata India, she went to London in 1998 to study at university. 

She started her coaching business during lockdown because she saw how the pandemic affected youngsters. She believes 

that if they dealt with deep rooted issues during their teens their would be better equipped for a good life and better decision making as confident adults. 

In addition to her coaching business she works at Selfridges in London since 2003. 

She believes in dedication and supporting our community whether local or internationally. 

Helping kids for a better future, her aim is create a better tomorrow for all.