Rozy Contractor

Rozy Contractor

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Rozy has worked in the global IT Services sector for 29 years. Her diverse experience spans Business Development, Sales Enablement and Operations Management, Talent Development strategies, business strategy and nurturing long-term relationships with enterprise clients, advisors & alliances. She has managed complex internal and external programs, delivering them on time, within budget while orchestrating diverse micro-teams.

Rozy is a mum to two teens, including a neuro-diverse young man – who is now independently experiencing life at university! Her passion for neurodiversity includes championing at work for Persons with Invisible Disabilities, mentoring parents with special needs’ children

Rozy also chairs the ZTFE CZC which aims to alleviate isolation among older people in the Uk, as well as the WZCC UK’s Mentoring initiative that matches mentors to aspiring mentees in areas of business entrepreneurship, job skills, career progression as well as alternative career guidance.