Roshan Chindhy

Roshan Chindhy

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I was born and brought up in Pune, completed my formal education and joined a leading bank for 18 long years rising from the grass root level to an officer. 

My husband Eruch A. Chindhy being in Rotary, I was asked to form a lady’s wing of the club “The Inner Wheel Club of Poona Downtown”. Of which I was the Charter President, moving on to Dist. Chairman, to all India Clubs President to International Inner Wheel Board Director. 

This new start became a new way of life for me with manifold challenges, special purpose of endless opportunities to carry work and projects through not only with Inner Wheel, But by being on Board of all our Zoroastrian Institutions in Pune, today. 

Chairman, Secretary & Treasure on the Board of the Poona Parsee Panchayat.  

President on the Board of The Poona Parsi Dramateures.  

Treasurer on the Board of The Sardar Dastur Schools Children’s Bhojan Fund. 

Trustee on the Board of The Athornan Aid Trust. 

 And trustee on the Board of The Poona Zarthosti Seva Mandal. 

With faith in myself and in all that I believe in brought deeper joy in the choices that I made each day and helped carry me to the pinnacle of glory.   

One of the greatest gifts the Creator has bestowed us with is the gift of anticipation and suspense. The expected happens. Yes! However, the realm of unexpected makes each of our lives so invigorating. Nectar gathering bees do not plunder nectar from flowers. They bring far in excess. They bring bounty and fragrance of other meadows and blossoms.