Roda Mehta

Roda Mehta

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Roda Mehta graduated in Economics with a post-graduate in Management Studies. Her life path has persistently impelled her to take charge – a defunct Management Students Association at her alma mater, an advertising and media industry waiting to be professionalized, agency offices with both clients and employees unhappy, ageing parents until their passing on, and currently the Pune Municipal Ward in which she lives with its many civic issues. Even after 23 years of leaving the advertising industry at the age of 48, she is lauded as an icon and a legend for having built an entire generation of advertising and media professionals for the Indian communications industry and for setting high standards of leadership and ethical practice. 

She clearly remembers the year 1989, while on the fast track in her career. An inner questioning kept surfacing “Why am I here? What is the purpose of life?”. Many twists and turns later she embarked on the path of Kriya Yoga, which she attributes to keeping her in balance and focus, and in helping others during the hardships of the  recent Covid pandemic years.   

She realises that life is a daily battle between the forces of good and evil tendencies within the bodily kingdom. It is a war that must eventually be won to be in readiness to receive the Creator, pure and full of light, even as He is.