Rashna Gazder

Rashna Gazder

Pakistan Pakistan


Rashna Gazder previously Indian, is happily married since 32 years in Karachi, Pakistan and has two sons both who are doctors.

She privately teaches piano, French and Spanish languages, enjoys cross-stitch embroidery and runs from home a small business in making towels and gifts. Among her other passions she is an active member of all Johanna Basford Colouring groups on social media, gifting her framed artwork to charitable hospitals in Pakistan.

Motivated after her husband recovered 65 percent of his vision, in 2015 she decided to host a musical fundraiser for LRBT Eye Hospitals in Pakistan. Knowing the immense expenditure one incurs in hospitals, she felt this was a way of saying ‘thank you’. It was a successful fundraiser and since then Rashna and her group have never looked back.

A fundraiser that deeply touched her was helping the Children’s Cancer department at the Indus Hospital in 2017, and in 2019 the group were instrumental in assisting the Parsi General Hospital set up a new wing to serve Covid patients being kept in isolation.

In 2021 they hosted their seventh highly successful fundraiser for Lady Dufferin Hospital, Karachi. Despite the lockdown, they continued performing virtually, hosting two online fundraisers which were viewed worldwide raising Rs14,500,000 for indigent women requiring gynaecological treatment.

As a group they call themselves Harmony In Helping Hands. Their fundraisers are a lovely blend of Mozart, Beethoven to Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Abba. Her eldest son Darayus does the striking visual effects on screens for their concerts.

Rashna says ‘there is nothing that brings me greater satisfaction and happiness than raising funds for needy institutes through music.’