Rashin Jahangiri

Rashin Jahangiri


Moobedyar Dr. Rashin Jahangiri is a Medical Doctor, a Certified Mobedyar, and a PhD student in “Ancient Iran’s Literature” who ranked 1st in Iran’s National Ph.D. Admissions Exam. She has authored and presented more than 20 different professional publications.

She has served as a Board Member and Chair of Zoroastrian Youth and Career, for the Tehran Council of Zoroastrians, and as a Religion Liaison for the Board of Directors at Zoroastrian College Students Council.

She is also a Registered Keynote Speaker for the Iranian Mobeds Council and was officially involved in the formal registration of Jashne Mehregan and Jashne Sadeh in UNESCO. She was also a Religion Consultant for the “Cedar Under Water” movie which was awarded the Crystal Phoenix by the Iran’s Cinema in 2017.

Dr. Jahangiri is the author and editor of a 6-Volume book titled: “Teaching of Avesta” and a 3-volume book titled: “Teaching Din-Dabireh (Avestan) Alphabets”. Her diligence has resulted in the recording of 5-Gathas in accordance with the Avestan Script as well as in the production of the “Gatha Speaking Pen”. 

Dr. Jahangiri serves as a qualified religious instructor and as a Judge in Iran’s national contests in reading and pronunciation of Avesta and Gatha.