Pheroza Godrej

Pheroza Godrej

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Born and married into devout Zoroastrian families, Dr. Pheroza Godrej (née Shroff) is  an academically distinguished artist and art historian, philanthropist and founder of the Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, India.  

Pheroza’s inherent interest in Art, History and the Environment guided her into a successful academic career as well as an equally rewarding life of an artist. Under the guidance of the prolific historian Dr. A.P. Jamkhedkar, she successfully completed her MA, and thereafter Ph.D. (Arts) in Ancient Indian Culture from the University of Mumbai. 

A multi-talented individual with an undying zeal for knowledge, Pheroza refused to rest on her laurels and more than twenty five years ago embarked on a literary career co-relating history, travel, painting and lithography –  the outcome of which was the publication of 11 works, which she has co-written/co-edited. These include: “Scenic Splendour: India through the Printed Image”, “A Pageant of Prints”, “Under the Indian Sun” and “Bombay to Mumbai – Changing Perspectives.” Her crowning glory is “A Zoroastrian Tapestry: Art, Religion & Culture”, a voluminous tome, which has won great admiration from within and outside the community, in India and abroad. In 1971, she made an entrée into the then nascent and yet to evolve Contemporary Indian Art field by establishing Cymroza Art Gallery, which she personally guides to date. In its 51st  year of existence, Cymroza continues to provide a platform to artists and art lovers for their artistic pursuits in Mumbai.

Pheroza is the Chairperson of the Godrej Archives Council and spearheads the preserving of the corporate heritage within the Godrej Group. Under her leadership, Godrej Archives has evolved as one of the leading business archives in India using state-of-the-art standards and practices. As a member of the former Apex National Committee of the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), and former Chairperson of the Advisory Committee of the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, her valuable contribution has enhanced the cultural fabric of the city, and has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India

Her contribution in the field of history and art has received reverence and accolades from far and wide. The Bombay Parsi Punchayet appointed her, and her colleague Mrs. Firoza Punthakey Mistree, as Honorary Advisers of the F.D. Alpaiwalla Museum, an archaeological and ethnographic museum, to renovate and upgrade the museum and add heritage value to the city of Mumbai. With her tremendous efforts, she has managed to garner substantial goodwill for this project. The Asiatic Society of Mumbai has conferred her with the Society’s Honorary Fellowship for her outstanding contribution in the field of art and culture.