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Perzen Patel

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Perzen Patel is an Indian food expert. The eating kind. She spent years being ashamed, scared and confused with her food heritage. Until she started writing and fell back in love. Now, Perzen tells stories that help Kiwis go beyond butter chicken and through her business, Dolly Mumma makes it easy for them to incorporate Indian flavours into everyday meals. Dolly Mumma does this through their range of ready to cook Indian curry pastes and online cooking classes.

Prior to starting Dolly Mumma, Perzen lived in India where she was better known as ‘Bawi Bride’ after her award-winning food blog, What started as a food blog to help her learn her community’s cuisine morphed into a catering kitchen which dished out Parsi food and other home-style regional Indian food. For her work, she was awarded ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award by WZCC in 2018.

Since 2013 when Perzen first wrote about food, she’s also launched two popular food podcasts, Not Just Dhansak and Kiwi Foodcast. She’s now working on her first cookbook, Cooking Indian in any homewhich you can read as she writes it!

When she’s not working on the business, Perzen enjoys freelance writing about food, travel and startups and her words have been published in several international publications. In the midst of all this, Perzen is an internal communications specialist and helps organisations answer the all-important ‘what’s in it for me’ question through her stories. 

Perzen is also the proud mother of two young boys and only answers questions that begin with, “My beautiful mummy…”.