Pervin Dalal

Pervin Dalal

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Dr Pervin Dalal comes from a family of doctors with both her parents, maternal grandfather and aunty all being wonderful doctors. It was their way of dealing with patients from all walks of life with care, honesty and integrity that impressed on her and shaped her career. Dr Dalal who won numerous awards at school and at Grant Medical College works as a solo GP at a very busy practice in Auckland, New Zealand.  

It was her grandmother Mani who has been her mentor and an inspiration. “Due to her, my main interest is geriatrics and caring for the elderly,” she says. Despite the long hours she keeps, Dr Dalal often finds the time to call after-hours just to check on the patient’s health.

Happily married for the last 32 years to Zubin, who has been her pillar of strength she has two doting sons, Rohan & Shahan. She is proud of her Parsi heritage that promotes selfless service to humanity. 

Dr Dalal hopes younger Parsis would enter the medical field which is hard work but also emotionally fulfilling and rewarding. 

“Ushta Te! May god give me strength to continue to work and serve humanity for the rest of my life,” she says.