Pashmin Dee

Pashmin Dee

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Pashmin Dee has always thought it most apt to interweave her life’s passion into her career along with her formal education. She is keenly interested in sustainability and very passionate about conservation of nature, and protection of the environment. She holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science and a Bachelor of Science degree in Life Science. Her professional experience includes working in the domains of Corporate Sustainability, Nature-based Solutions, Circular Economy, and Waste Management. As a Zoroastrian with a background in environmental science, she firmly believes in aligning the concept of ‘Triple Bottom Line (TBL)’ with Zoroastrianism. She believes that this concept encompassing economic, social, and environmental considerations for our planet, harmonizes with our faith’s core values of ethical conduct, environmental stewardship, and community well-being.

During her Bachelor’s, she served as the Secretary for the Department of Inter-Religious Studies at St. Xavier’s College in 2017-18 where she actively contributed to building a peaceful and robust network of youth, fostering an environment where individuals could learn from each other’s cultures. This experience was particularly enlightening as it fostered her understanding that, despite the distinct nature of each religion, there exists a common thread of fundamental values essential for guiding a purposeful and meaningful life. She has volunteered for numerous environmental and social initiatives. During her Master’s, she was awarded a certificate of ‘High Praise’ for her outstanding dedication towards additional initiatives in 2020-21. In 2022, she was selected to participate in the Asia Youth International Model United Nations (AYIMUN) Virtual Conference. In 2024, she was chosen as one of the 29 Zoroastrian youth worldwide to participate in the second World Zoroastrian Youth Leaders Forum (WZYLF 2.0) held at The ASHA Centre in Gloucestershire, UK.

Pashmin’s commitment to environmental stewardship and cultural heritage drives her to promote sustainability and inclusivity within the Zoroastrian community. She aims to foster open dialogue, share knowledge, and develop solutions for the community’s challenges, ensuring a sustainable and vibrant future for generations to come.

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