Pareezad Irani

Pareezad Irani

Hong Kong Hong Kong


Pareezad Irani (nee Khambata) was born and brought up in the United Kingdom.  She had a broad and balanced upbringing and was blessed with many opportunities growing up. 

She travelled the world, initially, with her parents and later on her own, which instilled her passion for travelling and learning about new cultures and people.  Her travelling adventures led to her completing the expedition element of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award abroad and then receiving the award from the late HRH Prince Phillip. 

Pareezad completed her undergraduate degree in Geography at Royal Holloway, The University of London. Having always had a strong desire to focus on teaching and education she then went on to complete her Post Graduate Certificate in Education. 

Pareezad has an extensive knowledge of teaching and learning and has enjoyed applying this across many schools including the prestigious Thomas’ Fulham, London.

Recently a life changing opportunity brought her and her husband to the Far East to live and work in Hong Kong.  As a part of the move, she took up a teaching post at Kellett, The British International School in Hong Kong, furthering her experience in an international setting.

Whilst living abroad, Pareezad has embraced new cultures, met new people and with her husband started a family of their own. Pareezad has for now embarked on a new career, looking after her two young children. 

Pareezad continues to follow her Zoroastrian heritage and ensures that she passes her values to her children; to live honestly, love generously, care deeply and speak kindly.