Nooshin Jahangiri

Nooshin Jahangiri

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Dr. Nooshin Jahangiri, a passionate family medicine doctor, was born and raised in Iran. After joining Tehran Medical University, one of the most prestigious medical schools in Iran, she actively collaborated with the Zoroastrian student’s center. Dr. Jahangiri played a significant role in organizing Mantra’s contest, the first Gatha’s reciting and essay competition in Iran.

 As a skillful badminton player, she participated in multiple national games and being a Badminton coach, she trained young Zoroastrian athletes in Zoroastrian camps and sports classes for years.

Dr. Jahangiri gained her certification in religious studies from Moobadan Council Of Tehran where she was trained to recite Avesta using Dindabire, the original Avestan scripture and learn about Zoroastrianism.

Soon after she moved to United States and continued her medical studies in Family and Lifestyle medicine. Now She is working in Kaiser medical group as a physician, health coach, and training faculty.

As an active member of California Zoroastrian Center and Doorway To Joy, a nonprofit organization, she has been involved in organizing and teaching religious classes and cultural activities for children and adults for many years. 

Lately, she has started her journey to be a Moobadyar following her passion to learn and teach Ashuzartosht’s philosophy.