Nilufer Mama

Nilufer Mama

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Nilufer Mama is an award-winning executive in two unique business spheres. She is a top performing real estate broker for over 35 years, as well as being a world-renowned travel executive in Toronto, Canada.

As a real estate broker, Nilufer has helped hundreds of happy clients and earned countless sales performance awards.

As CEO of a legacy business, Trade Wind Associate Inc. founded by her family in New York, Nilufer maintained an exclusive client portfolio of a major international airline. Parallel to Trade Wind she founded  Millenium International Travel, a luxury B2C company which she successfully merged with Uniglobe: The Premiere Travel Group, one Canada’s largest Travel Management Companies. She is presently Executive VP and expanded the Millenium brand by introducing global luxury tours which she personally escorts.  

On a personal level, she has a passion for helping Zarthusti immigrants settling in Canada, and assists them so they can also achieve success that she and her family have enjoyed in Canada.

Nilufer was Foundation Board member of the William Osler Health Care System, Vice-Chair of the ZSO’s Building Capital Campaign, and presently is Director of the Canada-Pakistan Business Council.  She is an Advisory Board member of the Revolution Travel Group, Finance Lobby and Real Starter.

Nilufer has been honored as the Indo Canadian Chamber of Commerce Businesswoman of the Year; Toronto Board of Trade’s Meet the Champions; TW Broadcasting’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, and was nominated by Royal Bank of Canada in the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur category.

‘A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not in the branch, but in her own wings.  Always believe in yourself’Website: