Neda Nozari

Neda Nozari

Iran Iran


MD (2000), Internist (2009), Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist (2014)

International Certification of Clinical Research (2015-Maryland)

International Certification of Sport Medicine (2002)

International Certification of Team Physician (2003)

International Certification of Shooting Sport Coach (2004)

International Certification of Shooting Sport Judge (A license: Pistol, Rifle, Paper &

Electronic Target – 2005)

International Instructor for Shooting Judge & Sport Medicine & Anti-doping (2005)

International Certification of Medical Classification for Disabled Shooting Athletes (2009)

Dr. Nozari has published numerous scientific papers during 20 years of medicine experience and also presented her scientific achievements in the national and international medical conferences.

She could receive grants from World Health Organization (WHO) for her scientific projects. She also has the medical patent.

She is an editorial board member and reviewer in multiple international medical journals including BMJ, MJJDD, IJMSR, IRJMS, MRJMMS, IJMHS, IJAR, and so forth.

Dr. Nozari serves in a variety of international sport communities and is currently involved with the ASC (Asian Shooting Confederation) – MAC (Medicine and Anti-doping Committee – since 2011) and ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) – MAC (since 2016). She was chair of ASC- MAC (2017- 2020), member of ISSF- Sustainability Committee (2017- 2020) and ASCTechnical and Judges Committee (Pistol, 2006-2010).

In university, Dr. Nozari was an active athlete in Karate, Badminton, Swimming, Physical

Strength, Athletics, and Shooting teams. Finally, after winning top positions in several national Shooting Sport Competitions (SSCs), she joined Iran’s Shooting National Team as a professional shooter (Rifle 10 & 50m, 1998-2005).

She is a famous international shooting jury and has attended in many big SSCs as the Youngest Technical Delegate (TD, Highest position in SSCs) and the Youngest Chair including Asian Air Gun Championship Qatar, 2009 (TD/Anti-doping Supervisor), Youth Asian Games Singapore, 2009 (Chair of equipment control section and Classification jury), Asian Games China 2010 (Chair of pistol juries), Asian Championship Qatar 2011 (Chair of pistol juries), Asian Air Gun Championship Kuwait 2014 (TD/ Anti-doping Supervisor), Asian Games Indonesia 2018 (TD/Anti-doping Supervisor), and so forth.

She is an amateur artist and has exhibited in various individually and collectively including

drawing, painting, handicrafts, and handmade carpets. She won top positions in several festivals, including first place in Universities Art Festival, 2018.  Dr. Nozari has received several major awards in Medicine, Art , and Sport fields including Russia Shooting Federation (Athlete) 2000, Kerman Shooting Association (Top Athlete) 2005, Iran

Shooting Federation (Top International Jury) 2006, Research Department of Hakhamaneshi (Top Woman) 2010, TUMS (Tehran University of Medical Sciences) (Research, Education) 2014, TUMS – Avicenna Festival (Top Student) 2014, TUMS (Art) 2018, Yas Hospital – Tehran (Art) 2017 & 2018, and so forth.