Navaz Sethna

Navaz Sethna

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Navaz was born and brought up in Birmingham, U.K.. Having graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business Management, she won a place on a Graduate Management Training Programme with The Volkswagen Group.  Navaz was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in marketing/sales and product/area management with all the brands in the Group, and eventually ended her corporate career having worked her way up through the ranks to Special Projects Lead with Audi (U.K.). 

This was all whilst juggling the pressures and demands of being a  mother to three young children. 

Never one to sit on her laurels, Navaz, bought into a global franchise in 2006 – a Kumon Education Centre, where she is the owner-manager.  With a staff of approximately 15, the Ofsted Registered Centre is home to nearly 200 children who visit the Centre up to twice a week.  Navaz is conscious that not all local families can afford the full fees and has instituted packages to ease the financial burden. 

Navaz is very family orientated. Notwithstanding the demands of her own enterprise, she has been a pillar of strength to her husband, Zubin, whilst he was working hard to achieve academic tenure, and who is now a Chaired Professor of Entrepreneurial Marketing. 

Navaz’s mother and brother and family live in Birmingham; she is also community-minded, having held, in her youth, the position of Chair of the Young Zoroastrians.