Natalie Gandhi

Natalie Gandhi

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Natalie R. Gandhi, Ph.D., is a Philosopher, entrepreneur, and  investor. She is the first Zarathushti to be born in Springfield, Illinois, the Land of Lincoln. She taught in nearly ten universities and was awarded a Charlotte W. Newcombe fellowship along with awards 
from the Zoroastrian community.

Natalie is a founding member, Chair, and Director Emeritus of WZCC, The World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce. She is in the Founding Circle of SPIRE, Stanford Professionals in Real Estate, “the most active alumni group in Stanford’s history”. Natalie is the Founder at Arshiya Ventures and AvestaQuest LP.

Her husband is Rusi D. Gandhi, M.B.A., an Realtor, Investor, and Developer. The couple sponsors philanthropic activity in Zoroastrian and higher educational institutions. Natalie is thrilled to be the mother of the couple’s beloved daughter, Asha R. Gandhi. Natalie’s parents are Yasmin H. Vania and Hormaz M. Vania of Springfield, Illinois.

Natalie believes the world offers infinite avenues for wonder, exploration, and growth. Also, Mario Andretti says, “if things are not a bit out of control … you’re not going fast enough yet”.