Mharukh Tamboli

Mharukh Tamboli

India India


Even as a young child growing up in Africa, Mharukh Tamboli knew she would one day be of great service to humanity as a doctor. Failure was not an option.

She followed this dream as a teenager, with the support of her parents and Brother, once they had arrived in Canada by getting admitted into the University of British Columbia. Here she received her undergraduate degree and conducted stem cell research, before realizing her dream and being accepted into Medical school. Here she thrived, receiving a prize in psychiatry on graduation.

Fast forward 45 years, Mharukh is a well-loved doctor in her community. She married and with the support of her devoted, selfless Husband and 3 beautiful children she continues to provide physical, spiritual and emotional aid as a physician.

With the ability to learn from every situation and through others, she has found her children and her patients to be some of her greatest teachers. She credits her success to her belief in Ahuramazada, who she will always say can guide anyone through adversity. She is a big believer in learning from such adversity, as it is something she believes we must all transcend to be successful.

She has a keen interest in learning and being a lifelong learner. She is currently gaining her fellowship in psychology , so she can continue to help people in a meaningful way.

When she is not enjoying time with family or working, she can be found canoeing, hiking, spinning thread out or wool or listening to music. She has plans to one day weave her own Kasti with a loom which she acquired from a friend in India.