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Meherangiz Press

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Dr. Meherangiz Press is a Counselling Psychologist with a special interest in the intersections between philosophy, psychology and politics. In 2019 she published her doctoral research on the experience of grief in Syrian refugees in the UK. As a passionate advocate of social justice and mental health, she was a TedX speaker in 2015 on the topic of battling the stigma associated with psychotherapy.

Meherangiz grew up in Bombay, India and went to Activity High School and then St. Xavier’s College, institutions she credits with instilling in her the love of learning and critical thinking. She is a Dorab Tata scholar and worked in the field of psychology as both a practitioner and an academic, before moving to London to complete her doctorate. She now works in the NHS and also runs a small, thriving private practice.

As a new mum, she believes even more urgently that a just and equitable social order is the only route to our sustained mental wellbeing as a civilisation, and endeavours in her work and life to live these values.