Meher Engineer

Meher Engineer

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Born in Mumbai, India, Meher spent the early part of her life in India and Hong Kong. Her home is in the UK, where she has lived since age 13. Meher wanted to be a GP (General Practitioner) from the age of 6. However, she also became very interested in the subtle realms in her early teens….a fascination that has grown and developed over the years.

She studied Medicine at Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School (UK) and graduated in 1990, and completed the MRCGP exam in 1994.

She has been working with her mother Thrity Engineer since 1995- initially with Biolumanetics; and then with the Supercoherence System since it came into being.

Her passion is exploring and working with the Quantum Field to effect meaningful and beneficial change in the arena of human potential, emotional wellbeing and transformation. This has led her to develop the Supercoherence Loving Laser Alignment Process which can be used to work with individuals and groups.

Whilst working as a doctor, Meher also qualified as a Zero Balancing (ZB) Practitioner (1999) and ZB Teacher (2004). She also works with light (Monocrom) and sound.

Having spent over 25 years working in the NHS- mainly as a General Practitioner- she decided to leave her medical practice at the end of 2015 to devote herself to the Supercoherence System, and to teaching and working with clients to enable them to live more heartful, freer and happier lives. She is co-founder of and director of training for the Supercoherence System.