Mantreh Atashband

Mantreh Atashband

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Mantreh Atashband is a Public Health professional and the Founder of Vasanti Health; a social enterprise focusing on alternative and Ayurvedic health. She promotes holistic health care using common sense allopathic and naturopathic remedies and lifestyle alternatives.  Mantreh holds a Graduate Degree in Public Health from the University of Waterloo specializing in socio-behavioral health.

Some of her contributions to the Zoroastrian Community include Co-Founder of NextGenNow, Programming Committee Member for the 12th World Zoroastrian Congress, Communications Lead for the 2007 North American Zoroastrian Congress, Marketing Lead for the 2003 North American Zoroastrian Youth Congress, and Board Member of The Iranian Zoroastrian Cultural Kanoun of ZSO.

She now lives in Philadelphia, United States with her husband and son.