Mani Rao

Mani Rao

United States US United States US


Education:  MBA from University of Illinois, Springfield, IL 

Profession: Health Benefit consultant in Healthcare Industry.

Volunteer position: WZCC-Chicago Chapter Chair,
WZCC-World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce  

My life’s purpose is to help others in every possible manner by utilizing my talent, experience, education, and my great passion for music. 

Music – my passion, I believe that the arts offer ways of bringing ourselves into deeper connections especially with music, a language that everybody understands.

Produced a CD of Monajats (devotional songs) which I had donated to a few Zoroastrian Associations in North America for their fund raising. It was very well received by Zoroastrian community in North America as well as other places.

Some of my recent most treasured experiences:

I was invited to make a presentation on Zoroastrians Monajats, Introduction to contemporary Zoroastrianism and its Devotional Music, at two well-known Universities in Poland. 

Invited to sing at World Zoroastrians Congress, Perth Australia where I truly realized that my CD had touched so many hearts for which I feel humbled and honored. 

At the Parliament of World Religions, I got to talk about the art of music: how you feel connected to the divine and experience spirituality.  Also, led a Zoroastrian choir.

Bollywood singing engagements for Seniors Luncheon programs and few other events.

Soothe the Soul- A program done under FEZANA, to bring community together virtually during the uncertain times of Pandemic:

My vision is to reach out to all with the message of Good thoughts, Good words and Good deeds.