Mahzarin Katrak

Mahzarin Katrak

Australia Australia


With a Heart Set To Make A Difference In Our Community, Mahzarin Katrak serves as the BaHumata Youth Ambassador who is passionately involved in promoting this program on all Social Media Platforms.

She is an effervescent young lady, with an immense zeal to unite our community at a local and global level. As of 2022, Mahzarin Katrak is a third-year student at Monash University studying a dual degree in Civil Engineering & Architecture. 

In 2021, she was nominated to take up an officer role at Monash University. Following the elections, she was elected as the Residential Community Officer for 2022. Previously, she served as the President of the Holman Hall Society at Monash University in Victoria, Australia. Moreover, Mahzarin is also part of the Technical Research & Development division of Monash Precious Plastics, an engineering team within Monash University that strives to find ways to reduce our plastic waste by creating alternatives to plastic as well as developing products from disposed plastics. She was also chosen to be a peer mentor for the Monash Art, Design & Architecture faculty for the year 2022. 

Originally from Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, Mahzarin moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2020 for her studies & has familiarised herself with the Zoroastrian Association of Victoria.

Mahzarin was featured alongside Sheherazad Kapadia from the United Kingdom for an article about their Abu Dhabi Parsi group, in the Parsi Times as well as Parsi Khabar. In this article, she & Sheherazad discussed how they organised online communal events, such as Bingo, for their very close-knit Abu Dhabi Parsi friend group. This article was captioned and focused on bringing out Unity In Adversity

In her free time, Mahzarin tutors Mathematics & physics to high school students. Her hobbies include baking & painting, and she has been a part of the well-known public speaking group called Toastmasters International in Abu Dhabi since 2019. 

Mahzarin is passionate about communal affairs and her goal is to educate more people about Zoroastrianism and to bring awareness to our glorious history. 

She firmly believes that celebrating our ancestry and engaging with our Zoroastrian associations are essential to keep our flame alive and alive for our future generations.