Mahrukh Stazyk

Mahrukh Stazyk

New Zealand New Zealand


 Mahrukh’s professional career in finance and management saw her working in Singapore, UK, US, Japan and New Zealand. However, since 2008, Mahrukh has devoted her efforts to community work in the environmental sector volunteering full time as a Project Manager for CUE Haven. 

CUE Haven, located an hour northwest of Auckland city, is a former dairy farm that is being restored into a native forest reserve for the community to use for education and quiet enjoyment. In addition to handling all the administration and accounting work, Mahrukh has used her skills to mobilise over 4,500 volunteers who have to date helped plant 170,000+ native trees and build 4 kms of walking tracks and boardwalks.  

Mahrukh finds the work especially gratifying as it encapsulates the vision of CUE Haven – a space where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to cultivate understanding about themselves, others and be enlightened about our place in this universe. Working together the community has created a truly special place – a legacy for future generations.

CUE Haven is owned by the CUE Haven Community Trust – a NZ registered charity. Mahrukh and her husband Thomas are the founding trustees.

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