Mahafrin Variava

Mahafrin Variava

New Zealand New Zealand


Mahafrin Variava is a law graduate from the University of Waikato. She currently resides in Nelson, New Zealand and works for Pitt & Moore Lawyers and Notaries. Mahafrin’s main areas of practice are Immigration and Employment Law. Among many things, Mahafrin regularly represents clients facing deportation at the Immigration and Protection Tribunal and advocates on their behalf with Immigration New Zealand. She has recently branched out into the employment space where she advises organisations on how to maintain an immigration compliant workforce. More recently, Mahafrin has been involved with representing both employers and employees in the context of vaccination mandates and employment terminations. 

From 2019-2021, Mahafrin was a Committee Member for the Immigration and Refugee Law Reform Committee of the New Zealand Law Society. She is now a Board Member for Multicultural Nelson Tasman – a non-government organisation which supports migrants, former refugees and people from minority ethnicities in the Nelson/Tasman region with their settlement process.

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