Layla Mazdyasni

Layla Mazdyasni

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Layla Mazdyasni grew up as a synchronized figure skater so she’s used to balancing – literally and metaphorically. As a digital project manager and strategist at award-winning behavioral marketing agency, Next Step, she executes new projects from ideation to completion, helps oversee Behavioral Science integration and creative strategy, and provides her clients with ongoing support and brainpower. 

She graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science, focusing on society, culture and cognition. She also has completed extensive Behavioral Science coursework at Yale University.

Previously, she worked for huge companies – Bloomingdale’s and Google – where she managed key vendors and strategized with clients on advertising campaigns for aggressive growth. She was drawn to her current company because she’s fascinated by human interaction and decision-making, and gets to be a part of a small group of creative-minded individuals who are making big impacts.

When she’s not working with her marketing clients, she’s teaching yoga. She blends Eastern and Western ideologies and practices, and appreciates intentionality and respects the mind-body integration. You can find her on Instagram and on her website,