Kimiya Shahzadi

Kimiya Shahzadi

Australia Australia


Kimiya Shahzadi actively servers the Zoroastrian community as FEZANA’s Social Media Manager, ZYNA’s Communications and Outreach Co-chair, NAMC’s Social Media Intern, and CZC’s Assistant Teacher for Zoroastrian Studies. 

Kimiya was born and raised in Melbourne, she was born into mobed family and one day aspires to be a mobed herself. 

She is currently training to be a Mobedyar under the guidance of Iran’s Kankash-e-Mobedan. 

Kimiya double majored in psychology and economics at The University of Melbourne and completed her post-graduate research at Monash University resulting in two publications. She aspires to attain a PhD and is currently completing her masters in Clinical Behavioral Psychology at Eastern Michigan University.

In 2014 and 2015, Kimiya attended the North American Zoroastrian Congress in LA and the World Youth Congress in New Zealand where she fell in love with her husband. After a 5-year international long distance relationship they now live in Michigan. 

Kimiya believes in living an abundant life and trying to make a positive change in the world. She feels strongly about financial freedom and improving the relationships we have and is structuring her new business.