Kashmira Adil Kakalia

Kashmira Adil Kakalia

India India


Mrs. Kashmira Adil Kakalia is a qualified Special Education Teacher, with twenty seven years of experience, teaching students in need of Special Care. She teaches at a prestigious High School in Mumbai. She caters to all age groups with Learning Difficulties, Social and Emotional Problems, Mentally Challenged, Gifted and Talented.

She is a Mental Health Professional and works with students, adults, families, groups and communities with use of Narrative Therapy.

She is founder of ‘Mental Health Enrichment Program’, where she works with senior citizens (60 +). She uses her skills and techniques to enhance healthy mind and body.

She Volunteers and assists at non-profit organizations supporting people with special needs.

She has Organized and conducted workshops and seminars for students, parents and teachers.

(With a view to educate them about the disability and the management of children with special needs in the classroom/home)

She has conducted talks, seminars and workshops for the Mobeds and their families of our community.

She also shares her knowledge by writing articles in local newspapers, school and Community magazines.

She is finding her creative skills and uses doodles and mandalas in her work. She enjoys cooking and experiments with food. She has attempted to write a cook book and has shared the pdf version with family and friends worldwide.

Her aim is to promote social, emotional, intellectual and physical development, to facilitate and impart knowledge, build confidence, critical and analytical thinking skills and to make an individual self-sufficient in life.