Kainaz Jussawalla

Kainaz Jussawalla

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Kainaz, a columnist and influencer, is also the author of the bestselling and hilarious memoir ‘Who wants to marry Kai Juicewalla?’

In this memoir which was published in March 2023, she is not only searching for the perfect man but also  trying hard to be the perfect body size albeit badly failing .

Her book which has some hilarious Parsi anecdotes and lots of fun travel stories, has been appreciated by several media houses and reviewers . She is a devout Parsi by nature and conventional in her thinking even though she has a witty bold and unapologetic style of writing . But that’s just the other side of her .’

Kainaz Jussawalla akak Kai is a best selling author, a columnist, a micro influencer and journalist. Her work includes writing for Magna Publications, The Tomes of India, The Daily Guardian, Bandra Buzz and Jame Jamshed.

She has won three awards including the Shiksha Ratna, The Asian Literary Society award and Fuzia Woman Achiever of the Year.

She is a master in Reiki healing and runs a celebrity channel on YouTube called Chai With Kai.

Kainaz also is the founder of Be A Friend which is an initiative for seniors in the community and in her spare time she likes to blog about food and chill with her nephew.

Coffee and French Fries are irresistible to her and she believes in the philosophy “that if you obey all the rules then you miss all the fun!”

Her writing is simple, bold, honest and free flowing which resonates with every person, as it touches upon a range of emotions as well as brings laughter to the table.

Kainaz worked as an international flight attendant for several years as she travelled extensively making her a Boss Babe when it cams to reading people and dealing with several situations in a sharp and witty manner.