Kainaz Dotivala 

Kainaz Dotivala 

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Kainaz Dotivala Shroff is a clinical psychologist and educator. During the course of her doctoral work in clinical psychology, she worked extensively with mental health issues in children and young adults. She continues to work in the area of School Mental Health and has conducted several workshops with children, parents and educators.

A firm believer in learning with fun and developmentally appropriate practice, she has been working with young children and music for over a decade, as a teacher and Director of Music Together of South Delhi.

Keenly interested in Parsi Zoroastrian affairs, she served as the Youth Trustee of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman. Her love for teaching children and her belief in the value of passing on the tenets of Zoroastrianism has led her to join Rukshana Shroff & Kerman Mehta as a facilitator for the Farohar group of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman.