Jerou Panthaki RamMohan

Jerou Panthaki RamMohan

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Mrs. Jerou Panthaki RamMohan is an alternative medical practitioner, educator and Life Coach, having worked honorarily for several decades for the good of Health and Humanity. As a Learning and Development Mentor, Jerou works to catalyse the growth of individuals and empowers them to achieve their full Potential.  She is Co-founder of the Ultimate Achievements Academy where she also is a Life-Coach. Jerou was also a lecturer of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Classes at Filton Technical College (Bristol, UK), for the holistic development of students and has had a chequered career. She has personally helped to educate under-privileged children in India at her own expense. 

As a BSc Honours Nurse Jerou has served the community in India and UK.  She has also been a nurse-matron for children in need of Special Care, where she trained to be a child psychologist under (late) Drs. Ghamat and Marfatia. Having been trained as a Beauty Therapist and holding a London, New York, Paris diploma, she has helped others train in a combination of Health and Beauty to develop holistically and set up their own entrepreneurial ventures. 

Jerou has been an entrepreneur, a Life-Insurance Agent (LIC), Inspector and Superintendents (General Insurance with New India and Vulcan) where she gave excellent service and support. She was also CEO of a Newspaper Youth-India aimed at encouraging and empowering the Youth.  She is highly talented as a Sportsperson (National Level, India), Actor, Artist (Painter) and enjoyed cycling and gliding. Most importantly Jerou encourages and empowers individuals to explore their interests and develop their talents to gain self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Being trained in complete homely skills, Jerou believes that women and men can excel in their careers while also achieving a balanced home life-life in a partnership as she did with her husband of 46 years, while sharing the upbringing of children and managing the home hand-in-hand. 

Jerou’s belief in the Zoroastrian Faith and Universal Good stems from both her upbringing in an Athornan Family and a Zoroastrian homely school (Batha School, Panchghani) where she also taught. Jerou is the Vohu Manah  (good mind) behind the Ba Humata Project (aimed at honouring our Priests, while inspiring good Action)  and ‘The Good Mind – Nurturing Nature – A Zoroastrian Perspective on Sustainable Development ‘ which serves to bring together Priests, Scientists and Entrepreneurs to explore how we can work together for the Good of All through making others happy as guided by Asho Zarathushta in the Gathas.