Jasmine Jehangir

Jasmine Jehangir

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As a stained glass and mosaic designer for over 30 years, Jasmine Jehangir always had a keen sense for the creative arts. Her stained glass and glass mosaics are installed at prominent places in India and abroad. Jasmine’s love for jazz music (also a jazz musician who plays saxophone) reflects in her works and methods of creation – Today she creates under the name of ‘Lady J’. 

Realising the calm effects of art and music, she decided to dig deeper into the therapeutic benefits of art and it was this love that got her introduced to the ‘Zentangle Method’. Founder of ‘Tangleations’,  Jasmine conducts masterclasses and workshops across the globe helping people overcome various challenges. 

With a focus on the healthcare industry as well as corporate sectors, she conducts multiple sessions for health care workers and individuals that need the quick stress buster that Zentangle method has to offer. This has been particularly effective at Jehangir Hospital, Pune where she is also a trustee of Jehangir Hospital and working in the area of Patient First!  The ethos that has taken her through it all is simply – Just Tangle!

After reaping the benefits that this art form encompasses in her personal life, she has since made it her mission to disseminate and share the healing and de-stressing powers of tangling. Having first hand experience in working with individuals suffering from cancer, arthritis, blood pressure, anxiety and other ailments, she believes that the healing powers of art therapy are most beneficial amongst not only medical professionals in alleviating their daily stressors but also individuals from all walks of life in boosting their morale. Whilst offering Zentangle as a form of art therapy in hospitals, she introduced a ward entitled ‘Zen Care’ which is dedicated to mindfulness and a form of therapy for patients. 

You can see her website at www.ladyjstudio.com

Instagram – tangleations_czt_jasmine and ladyjstudio_tangleations

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