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Heta Pandit

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Heta Pandit currently lives in the village of Saligao, Goa. She has had a wide range of career stints in advertising, journalism and working with Dr. Jane Goodall in the field of chimpanzee research in Tanzania. After pioneering multiple heritage awareness and action movements in Bombay, she has been living in Goa 26 years now, where she co-founded Goa Heritage Action Group in the year 2000, that is dedicated to the advocacy of preservation, conservation and restoration of Goa’s natural, built and cultural heritage. 

Widely regarded as a treasure trove of information, she has written ten books, with two more in the pipeline, all aiming at bringing to light the art,culture and history of Goa, with many of them featuring at prestigious Literature festivals across India. Her most recent book Grinding Stories Retold: Songs from Goa, sheds light on oviyos, songs sung by women as they work at the grinding stone, a household chore that began a woman’s day in rural Goa. Most are songs of sadness, suppressed anger,envy,expectation,words of wisdom and frustration. 

Heta received the HOMI BHABHA FELLOW, Fellowship in 1998-2000 for research into the methods and materials used by the master builders of Goa. 

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