Freyaz Shroff

Freyaz Shroff

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Born and raised in, India and educated in America, Freyaz Shroff moved back to India in 2006 with a Bachelors in Sociology and an M.B.A. in International Business and Marketing. Despite a successful corporate career, both in America and India, in mid-2018, Freyaz chose to step into a direction that spoke more to her heart.  

Freyaz, established “KurNiv Foundation,” a non-profit organisation, focused on preparing students, living primarily below the poverty line, in gaining admission into and completing college graduation through a proven peer to peer mentorship model.   More than 150 students, regardless of caste, religion, language or income are accepted into the program each year as leaders, youth changemakers or participants.  More than 70% of the participants are 1st generation college graduates.  Many are now pursuing post-graduation courses such as law, cyber security, investment banking and more.

In addition to creating a new generation of teen and tween leaders, she now, also coaches parents and educators on how to raise youth leaders who are empathetic, sensitized, goal oriented and can work as part of success-driven teams.

Freyaz addressed the United Nations’ Commission of the Status of Women (UN-CSW) in 2012.  Her students addressed the UN-CSW in 2021.   Freyaz won the Jamshed Pavri Humanitarian Award in 2012. We invite you to connect with her.



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