Franey Irani

Franey Irani

Pakistan Pakistan


Franey is the daughter of Shreen and Godrej Kandawalla of Karachi. She had her early childhood in Karachi later going to a boarding school in the UK. She married Nariman Kaikhushroo Irani and settled down in Karachi, having a keen interest in social welfare. 

She has been the Managing Trustee of Kandawalla Trust for several decades supporting education, health and welfare of many Zoroastrians and members of other communities.  She had also been Honorary Treasurer of Friends of APWA (All Pakistan Women’s Association), and on the Managing Committee of Karachi Zarthushti Banu Mandal and a member of several associations providing social welfare. 

She is a business woman, and currently is actively engaged as CEO and Director of four private limited companies. 

She has a keen interest in the visual arts (along with her husband) and enjoyed getting to know and encouraging upcoming artists and painters.

Her daughter Vica is a solicitor living in London with her husband and three children.