Farishteh Shroff

Farishteh Shroff

United Arab Emirates UAE United Arab Emirates UAE


Farishteh Shroff  is a  young Zarathushti lady from United Arab Emirates and Pakistan,  who is a Chartered Certified Accountant and an amazing young mom. She is the daughter of Mobed Rustom Dastur has grown up seeing her father and grandfather pray at the Quetta and Karachi Fire Temples. She has lived and grown up in Quetta (capital city of Balochistan in Pakistan) and then in Karachi and is now settled with her family in Dubai.

Farishteh has a Bachelors Degree In Commerce from the University of Karachi, in Pakistan and a Masters Degree in Accounting, Auditing, Business Management and Finance from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA UK), which is Equivalent to Masters Degree in United Kingdom.

Farishteh is presently working for Advanta Seeds for the past 3-years, where she is playing a key role with the Finance And Supply Chain Functions;  and has had a unique opportunity to learn about Farmers and Agricultural Processes as an essential part of the solution to global food security.

After All The Future Begins With A Seed. ‘

Farishteh Has Also Served As A Professional Chartered Certified Accountant on the Global Reporting Team of Careem Networks in Dubai and also worked as a Financial Accountant for Rocket Internet Group – High Speed Internet Service Technology in Dubai. As an Associate Accountant for Ernst & Young in Karachi, Pakistan.

Farishteh has dedicated this presentation to her infant daughter Parizad so that she can learn and follow the inspired guidance under the footsteps of her Dastur ancestors.

As a Chartered Certified Accountant and an ACCA Member, she has learnt how to balance both work and life by her dedication to Ahura Mazda and considers that every problem has a solution, even when it is not evident sometimes.