Dilnaz Avari

Dilnaz Avari

Pakistan Pakistan


Dilnaz Avari Is a distinguished educationalist and administrator in Pakistan.  She was the founding partner of The Avenues School in Karachi and has guided a generation of students at the Cedar College and Lyceum in Karachi. 

She is known for her interpersonal skills and ability to represent other professionals in major conferences such as the Round Square Conference which encompasses a worldwide network of innovative schools spanning 40 countries worldwide. 

Dilnaz is greatly valued for her work setting up and administrating a fund to support education in the Kalash Valley after the devastating floods in 2016. Her tireless work for those less privileged is acknowledged across all communities. Her charitable work spans Food Banks for widows, the Dar-ul-Khushnud day-care centre for mentally and physically challenged children and the establishment of a centre to teach business English and computer skills to the underprivileged to enhance their employment.

Dilnaz is married with three children and an active member of the Zoroastrian community in Karachi.